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hello kitty 30 April 2008 – oops, a Bobcat!

Posted in ALL BLOG POSTS, nature & environment by adamwelz on May 9, 2008

Hi All

hugely behind on my blog posts as I’m trying to rewrite and finish important (and difficult) stuff and see some of Alaska while I’m up here. Anyhow, I’ll try to get things out in whatever order they happen to be available in.

30 April 08. Driving north up California Route 1 towards the Big Sur. I stop next to the road to stretch my legs. Next to me, on the fence, is this sign. Yes. William Randolph Hearst. The mega media baron. As in the inspiration for Citizen Kane. I’d passed his loony-tunes castle (the “Rosebud” scene) a bit earlier.

What’s that? One of the Estate’s kitties? Closer look. Whoa. That’s the biggest tabby I’ve ever laid eyes on. Quick. Grab camera. Forget that it’s still set to 800 ISO. Click.

This beast is a little more than feral. He’s wild! With an incredible calmness, less than 50 feet away, he slowly walks out and reveals himself to be twice the length of a normal housecat.

…and then disappears into a thicket.

A Mutant Media Mogul Moggie? Nope – my first encounter with a Bobcat! While teaching English in Taiwan one of my 10-12 year old boys told me that it would be no problem if tigers went extinct because we can always see them on Discovery Channel. Discovery Channel my arse.



PS According to this beast is the Californian subspecies of the Bobcat – Lynx rufus californicus