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back in Cape Town – some birds @ Intaka Island

Posted in ALL BLOG POSTS, birds & birding by adamwelz on July 24, 2008

Hi All

I’ve been back in Cape Town for a few days – just long enough to realise how exhausted I am!

I’ll be carrying on with this blog, with more pics and observations from my mega-trip to the USA and, of course, the same from South Africa and everywhere else.

Don’t have time to write much now but you can have a quick squizz at this picture I took a few hours ago at an artificial wetland called Intaka Island, here in Cape Town. This bird is called a Sacred Ibis because, yes, the Egyptians used to worship them. They’re rather common around Cape Town, but were unknown in these parts until a few decades ago. Humans changed the habitat to suit them by making farms and fields in the landscape, and they colonised the area by themselves by moving down from the north. They like feeding in soggy lawn areas and mucky barnyards.

Hope you’re all well!