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firehouse, Ladder Company 3, 108 E. 13th St, Manhattan, NY, USA

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Ladder Company 3, 108 E. 13th St, NYC, USA ©Adam S. Welz 2012

They say the best camera is the one you have with you, and the cam in the iPhone 4S is pretty impressive for the dinky little thing that it is. It also automatically GPS tags every image you shoot. I’m using it to commit the 8th Deadly Sin of Americana.

(Ladder Company 3 lost more men as a percentage of its total complement than any other firehouse in NYC on September 11th. It’s next door to the camera repair place I use.)

Mohamed Nasheed, Copenhagen, Denmark, 14 Dec 2009

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With all the talk in the media about the Keystone XL pipeline & Mohamed Nasheed’s recent removal from the Maldavian presidency, I thought I’d rummage through the archives. Here’s one from the middle of a media scrum at the Klimaforum, the ‘alternative’ meeting venue during the 2009 COP15 climate talks in Copenhagen. Nasheed was the first head of state to arrive at the talks and gave a speech at an event hosted by, the climate activist organisation.

Media around Mohamed Nasheed, President of the Maldives, Copenhagen, Denmark, 14 Dec 2009 ©Adam Welz

Winter in NYC: Snowy Owl & Manhattan skyline, 5 Feb 2012

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Bubo scandiaca, NY, USA 5 Feb 2012 ©Adam Welz