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Big Sur after sunset 30 April 08

Posted in ALL BLOG POSTS, nature & environment, photography by adamwelz on May 10, 2008

Making cynical landscape shots is easy. Making pretty landscape photos is easy, too. Well, as easy as any top-notch photography is. Making uncynical landscape photos of beautiful places without falling into making pretty postcard photos is pretty hard, and harder still when you’re as off-the-bicycle as I am. You have to put your hangups in your pocket and just get on with it – open yourself to the images without having to make them a certain way and putting away all your know-it-allness about this stuff – just get something modest to go home with and say a small thanks for being here.

I love the light just after the sun has set, but before it gets totally dead. It was cold and roughly windy on the Big Sur. I think the first one’s my favourite.



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  1. Phil said, on May 18, 2008 at 7:42 pm

    Hey Adam,

    Great Photos! I especially like the bobcat, the sea of “dead” elephant seals, and the seal with chunks out of its fur. And I’m a sucker for all things condor or Big Sur coastline related.

    Happy travels and say Hi to Forest, Carolyn and Sasha if you see them.

    6 days and counting for Rachel and I,


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